Encouraging Encounters w/Epris

Encouraging Encounters is a place for you to park for a brief moment and EXHALE. Too often, we are surrounded by or involved in  situations that causes us to cringe and/or cry. In a world that seems to be going every way but up, at times we need to pause and exhale; exhale the worry, the doubt, the fear, and the hopelessness. Following that, we need to inhale peace, hope, courage, and confidence that the things of this world will not paralyze us. I pray you are encouraged by each encounter! 

Embrace Today

Embrace Today is an inspirational show that will encourage others to embrace their today with hope and expectation -John 16:33. Host, Epris Curry will deliver a life changing devotional message that will bring forth freedom, healing and restoration through the Word of God. Embrace Today airs every 2nd & 4th Thursday wherever you stream your podcast. 

Whole Woman

Whole Woman is the retreats that we have for women and girls. Our retreats were previously for married women only; however, we have extended this invitation to single and married women alike. The goal of the retreats is to aid women and girls into identifying and becoming the woman that God called them to be regardless of what roles they may have. We understand that one must be who God called them to be before they can properly function in the places and positions God has called them to. 



**Due to the pandemic our retreats have been on hold. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear when they will resume.**